The Athenaeum: Massey's short reviews.

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A selection of Gerald Massey's short, mostly dismissive and sometimes amusing reviews for the Victorian periodical, The Athenĉum, of the efforts of long forgotten poets and authors.

No. 1580, February 6, 1858

(1.) 'The Travels of Prince Legion and other Poems.'

(2.) 'The Austalian Sacred Lyre.'

No. 1583, February 27, 1858

(1.) 'Hermione the Beloved, and Miscellaneous Poems' by J. P. Robson.

(2.) 'Corona, and other Poems' by E. J. Reed.

(3.) 'The Poems of Francis Hingston.'

(4.) 'The Violet : Poems' by Clara Loud.

(5.) 'The Dream of Freedom, and other Poems' by James Smart Linwood.

No. 1600, June 26, 1858

(1.) 'The Moslem and the Hindoo : a Poem on the Sepoy Revolt.' By a Graduate of Oxford.

(2.) 'Poems.' By Edward Charles Mogridge.

(3.) 'Lays of the Lost One : and other Poems,' by H. Johnston.

(4.) 'Oberon's Empire'.

No. 1603, July 17, 1858

(1.) 'Sketches ; being Poems.' By Jos.

(2.) 'Youthful Echoes, Cheerfulness, and other Poems.' By A. S. W.

(3.) 'Birds, Bees and Blossoms.' Original Poems for Children.' By Thomas Miller.

(4.) 'Pottery Poems'.

(5.) 'The Spirit of Home'.

No. 1647, May 21, 1859

(1.) 'Poems from Cape Town' by George Longmore.

(2.) 'A Midsummer Day's Dream, and other Poems' by W. Avon.

(3.) 'Musings on Guard' by Frank Felix.

(4.) 'Nothing to Do'.

No. 1652, July 25, 1859

(1.) 'Poems' by Joseph Truman.

(2.) 'Self : a Satire,' by the Rev. Edward Morse.

(3.) 'Raven Hill ; or, the Danish Fort' by Richard Vasey. 

(4.) 'The Twelve Foundations' by the Rev. H. C. Adams.

No. 1744, March 1861

'Songs of Labour and Domestic Life.'

No. 1748, April, 1861

'Enoch : a Poem, in Three Books.'

No. 1759, July 13, 1861

(1.) 'Sibyl and other poems' by John Lyttleton.

(2.) 'Prometheus' Daughter, a poem' by Col. James Abbott.

No. 1781, December 14, 1861

'Botany Bay and other Poems' by J. Gordon.

No. 1794, March 15, 1862

(1.) 'Nemesis : a Poem, in Four Cantos' by John Bruce Norton.

(2.) 'Avalanche &c.,' by Andrew M'Ewen.

(3.) 'Poems and Sketches,' by the Rev. Alex. Wallace.

No. 1862, July 1863

(1.) The Guardian Angel ; and other Poems.

(2.) Eiler and Helvig.

No. 1869, August 22, 1863

Oscar : and Autumnal Gleanings.

No. 1878, October 24, 1863

(1.) The Poems of George Minimus.

(2.) The Poetic Magazine.

(3.) 'Thoughts in Verse'.

No. 1889, December 26, 1863


No. 1915, July 9, 1864

'Pictures of the Past'.

No. 1919, August 6,1864

'Voices from the Hearth: a collection of verses' by Isidore G. Ascher. 

No. 1933, November 12,1864

(1.) 'Eclogues and Monodramas' by William Lancaster.

(2.) 'Tammas Bodkin; or, the Humours of a Scottish Tailor.'

(3.) 'The Return of the Swallow; and other Poems' by Goodwin Barmby.

No. 2047, January 19,1867

'Ecce Homines ; or, Life's Quest.'


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